Rohit Kumar OMA AnesthesiaThank you for considering my nomination to represent you once again as a delegate for the section of Anesthesia. As a member of the Executive with OMA’s section of Anesthesia as a Member at Large, I will continue to be a vocal voice on your behalf.

Briefly, I am an Anesthesiologist at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga. Currently I am on the Executive of the Professional Staff Association and past site lead for the Pre-op Assessment Clinic. In 2014, I received the THP Better Together Physician Award for demonstrating leadership in advancing collaborative practice. Within the OMA, I have been on the OMA Audit Committee for the past year.

I have a strong commitment to represent your interests well. I am a vocal advocate promoting Anesthesia and physician interests within the OMA and with the government. I am active on social media including Twitter, Facebook and via my blog. Specific to Anesthesia, I am a member of our section’s Beyond The Mask Campaign and in 2017 was a member of the Advisory Group that helped develop the CAS Choosing Wisely Implementation Guide. The guide will help decrease unnecessary pre-operative testing, leading to better patient care and decreased system costs. This year, I will be part of a group that will work to forge ties with key stakeholders in healthcare and promote the vital role Anesthesiologists play across the healthcare system.

We have a large number of Anesthesiologists in Ontario and therefore are uniquely positioned to contribute to and influence the direction of healthcare both at a micro and macro level. I would like opportunity to represent you and to help the rest of the team create a strong Anesthesia presence. I am passionate about the work we do and the role we play across the healthcare system.

On a broader level, I will continue to help build an OMA that represents all physician interests in a more aggressive, yet tactful manner. The last year has brought many positive changes in that direction, but there is much work to be done.

I would like your support to continue to build a strong and respected section.   Through our section I would like to help hold the OMA Board and Executive accountable for their actions. I will also work with others in our section to help ensure that we have fair representation during negotiations.

As a member of the section Executive, I think it will be important to represent our section as a delegate. In this way an Executive voice is represented with the ability to vote at Council.

Let’s continue to grow our strong reputation as Anesthesiologists. Your voice matters, so please vote.

You can learn more about my advocacy efforts by clicking here: and view my Twitter history by clicking here: @RohitKumarRKV. If you have any questions or comments you can reach me at

Thank you,

Dr. Rohit Kumar

Anesthesiologist – Trillium Health Partners
Vice President – THP Professional Staff Association
Member at Large – Ontario’s Anesthesiologists
Delegate – OMA District 5
Lecturer – University of Toronto