Ontario’s growing and aging population is putting an increasing strain on our publicly funded healthcare system and the decisions Ontario makes today will impact patients’ access to quality healthcare in the years to come.

By further cutting necessary funding for physician services, the government is threatening timely access to the quality, patient focused care Ontarians need and expect.  Ontario’s Medical Doctors are committed to working together to protect the quality, patient focused care Ontario’s families deserve.

Physicians continue to work towards developing innovative solutions alongside government and other stakeholders in order to reduce healthcare costs.  The Provincial Government has not acted in good faith by continuing to unilaterally cut funding to Physician services despite cost savings by Physicians.

Physicians are currently distracted by having to deal with the strain of previous and impending future cuts.  This is time and energy that could be used towards patient care.  The best quality care can only be provided by staff who are supported, motivated and valued.  The morale of physicians at all stages of their careers is therefore a legitimate and fundamental concern.

For the sake of the future healthcare of all Ontarians, the Provincial Government needs to reverse course and once again resume a collaborative relationship with Ontario’s Physicians so we can work towards better healthcare for everyone.

A dictatorship approach hurts healthcare workers including Physicians, hurts patients, and ultimately will hurt the government’s ability to stay in power.

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