District 5
Credit Valley & Mississauga Medical Society Update

As your representatives, we would like to provide you with an update of upcoming events and recent developments within the OMA.

Special Council Meeting related to Negotiations and Relativity

At the Spring Council meeting earlier this year it was decided that a separate meeting be dedicated to issues surrounding relativity in preparation for Phase II of negotiations.  This meeting will be held on Sunday October 21, 2018 at the Westin Prince Hotel (900 York Mills Road).  Phase I of negotiations dealt with the macro issues of physician cap, recovery of government’s unilateral payment reductions and normative fee increases.  Once Phase I is completed, negotiations will move on to phase II. If mediation fails and the process is moved back to arbitration, the discussion around relativity will be considered by the negotiation committee while arbitrating.

At the Special Council meeting in October, recommendations by the Relativity Advisory Committee on the relativity implementation success metric, the implementation plan and the annual targets will be presented and debated.

This is an important meeting and we encourage all members to ensure that they are well represented by their specialty sections.  The material for the meeting is available here.  If you are an OMA member, but not on council, you can still attend as an observer by contacting CouncilRSVP@oma.org.


The new government replaced its negotiating team in August and has been meeting with the OMA in mediation.  The government has revised their position on a few key issues.  If no more mediation takes place, the two sides will begin arbitration on October 22nd.  Additional dates for arbitrations were given in place of mediation, leaving us no further behind.

Specialists Meeting

On Friday Sept 28thone of the OMA Board members announced his resignation and had a meeting with 9 other specialist groups and a representative from the government.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possibility of forming a new group to represent themselves in contract negotiations with the province.  Level of interest varied among the group and the OMA remains the sole negotiating partner with the province.

Public Disclosure of Physician Billings

In 2014 the Toronto Star sited a Freedom of Information request for the names and billings of the top 100 OHIP billers from 2008-2012.  The OMA opposed this, but the Ontario appeals court unanimously ruled in favor of publishing the names.  Since then, the Toronto Star has filed a request for ALL physician billings and names, which is on hold pending the outcome of the first request.  The OMA is appealing this at the level of the Supreme Court stating that publication by the Toronto Star will be out of context and paint an inaccurate picture of physician compensation.  Other provinces that publish physician billings include New Brunswick and British Columbia, and was done as a part of a legislated act by the Provincial Government.

District 5 AGM & President’s Tour

Join OMA President Dr. Nadia Alam and your District Representatives to discuss current issues and opportunities facing our profession.

With all that is happening now, this is your opportunity to have direct access to the OMA President to address your questions and concerns in a small group setting.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Lakeshore Convention Centre
806 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON

5:30p.m. – Social Media Training
6:30p.m. – Dinner, District 5 AGM, OMA President’s Remarks and Q&A

Please RSVP online here or call 1-800-268-7215


Mississauga Medical Society

President – Dr. Rohit Kumar
Twitter: @RohitKumarRKV

Credit Valley Medical Society

President – Dr. Deepa Soni
Twitter: @DrDeepaSoni