Dear colleagues: 

My name is Rohit Kumar and for the next year I will be your President of the Professional Staff Association. I will be joined by a motivated PSA leadership team that includes Drs. Nick Scampoli (CVH-Emerg), Catherine Grenier (MH-Emerg), and our newest member Milan Barboza (CVH-Medicine). We are committed to representing your interests, fostering a collaborative work environment, and strengthening your involvement in ensuring the delivery of excellent patient care. 

In 2017, the PSA conducted a membership survey that generated excellent feedback. Since then, we have been working hard to address the themes it highlighted. Still, we have more work to do. Through a series of President’s Letters, I will address some of the concerns raised in the survey. 

Our vision is to have a healthy and engaged Professional Staff Association that has a collaborative relationship in change initiatives and decisions being made in the hospital. Our mission is to represent your interests and strengthen our leadership role in patient care. 

We will always strive to remain honest, respectful, and responsive in our interactions. If you have a concern, please reach out to an executive member; issues that affect our membership will be placed on the PSA agenda for wider discussion. We can also help you or your group engage with appropriate hospital leadership and offer support by accompanying members to meetings relating to physician issues such as code of conduct. 

Through the PSA we represent your viewpoints at both the Medical Advisory Committee and the Board, and provide perspective on decisions that may affect the Professional Staff. We also meet regularly with the Chief of Staff, Dante Morra and CEO, Michelle DiEmanuele where we discuss in more detail issues and concerns that affect our membership. 

Other important aspects of our role include creating and sustaining a positive environment by enhancing your professional quality of life. Examples of this include the Long Service Awards Gala and off-site meetings with engaging speakers. This year we are going to strive to increase communication and collaboration across the professional staff. Stay tuned for more on this! 

We will do our best to represent you, but we need your help. YOU are the Professional Staff and we cannot succeed without your involvement. The PSA meets four times a year so we hope you can commit to attending at least two meetings this year. 

I’ll end with a challenge to you: Create a vision for a better work environment, share it with your colleagues and bring it to life by encouraging positive, productive changes, however small they may be. Change is never easy, but we believe that by working together, we can accomplish a great deal.  #ProfessionalStaffTHP


Rohit Kumar MD, FRCP(C) 
President – Professional Staff Association 
Anesthesiologist – Mississauga/Queensway Sites 

Twitter: @RohitKumarRKV