Over the last four years, physicians have faced increasing pressures from multiple sources.  Despite this, physicians have continued to provide exceptional care and have continued to put patients first, each and every day.

May 1st is officially designated as Doctor’s Day in Ontario.  It marks the birthday of Canada’s first female physician, Dr. Emily Stowe.  This day provides an opportunity to recognize the important role that physicians play in delivering high quality healthcare.  It serves to highlight the professional commitment and personal sacrifices that physicians make on a daily basis.

Physicians play key roles in many parts of the health care system.  They are dedicated clinicians, educators, scientists and researchers working in hospitals, communities and clinics.  Physicians also play key roles as administrators, and through political engagement, are helping shape the future of healthcare.

Let’s continue to show support for the outstanding contributions doctors make to the health care system.  Visit the OMA public website OntariosDoctors.com for more information and use #LoveMyMD and #PatientsFirst on social media to help celebrate your Docs this month!