Pre-Op Assessment Clinic

The care provided by an Anesthesiologist may start at the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic. Surgeons will send patients to this clinic to be assessed for fitness for surgery and not notify the Anesthesiologists of any special circumstances relating to the patient prior to their procedure.

Here, under the direction of an Anesthesiologist, patients receive a detailed medical assessment. All necessary bloodwork and tests are completed to ensure the patient is optimized before their operation or procedure.  The clinic visit usually takes place over a couple of hours during which time patients will be registered, and assessed by the clinic team. Bloodwork and other basic investigations will be completed.  If any further investigations are required, such as a stress test or echocardiogram, they will be arranged. The anesthesiologist will follow-up with the results as they are completed and make a final decision with respect to fitness for surgery.

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