Precautions after Same Day Surgery

This information is for those going home on the day of their surgery, which takes place with a general anesthetic or IV sedation.

Once your procedure is done you will be discharged when you meet criteria for being able to go home safely.  Given that you received an anesthetic there are some precautions:

- You will need to be taken home by a responsible adult known to you and someone must stay with you for 24 hours.  You cannot go home using public transportation or by taxi.

- You cannot drive or operate hazardous machinery for 24 hours.

- You should delay all important decisions for 24 hours.

- You should not consume any alcohol or other medications without advice from your doctor given they may interfere with the anesthetic drugs or medications you receive for post operative pain.

- After your operation, consider starting with fluids before having something light to eat to make sure you don't feel nauseous.

- Contact your doctor or hospital emergency department for any post-operative problems

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