Dear Colleagues,

Are you frustrated by something in your work environment?  Can you do anything about it?  Is it hopeless?

Doctors continue to be impacted by a tremendous amount of change in healthcare at Federal, Provincial and local levels. Decisions influence the delivery of patient care with sometimes little, or late input from those in direct patient contact. While some changes are needed and welcome, others have strained our quality of life and added frustrations to the important work we do.

The healthcare landscape is changing at a very rapid pace. Fiscal restraints are putting different stakeholders at odds even though they have a common purpose of delivering healthcare that their communities need. We have been a witness to several years of inadequate underfunding of healthcare and there is no foreseeable end to this financial pressure from government in Canada.

What can doctors do?

One thing is for certain: Decisions around healthcare are going to be made with or without our involvement.  We must be persistent in trying to bring our voice to the table. We must have the courage to speak up.  Ask questions to understand and engage in processes that can be improved to allow us to provide better care for our patients.  If you believe in something, try to understand the roadblocks and think of ways to continually challenge them in a productive way.  Bring up your ideas with others and gather support. Your voice is stronger if you team up. Lastly, accept small wins in the right direction, and most importantly, don’t lose hope.

Rohit Kumar MD, FRCP(C)
Anesthesiologist – Mississauga/Queensway Sites
Twitter: @RohitKumarRKV