Dear Colleagues,

Are you frustrated by something in your work environment?  Can you do anything about it?  Is it hopeless?

As Professional Staff, we continue to be impacted by a tremendous amount of change at various levels of healthcare. At Federal, Provincial and local levels, decisions are made that influence the delivery of patient care and sometimes with little, or late input from those in direct patient contact. While some changes are needed and welcome, others have strained our quality of life and added frustrations to the important work we do.

The healthcare landscape is changing at a very rapid pace. Fiscal restraints are putting different stakeholders at odds even though they have a common purpose of delivering healthcare that their communities need. THP is in a unique situation where it will experience more demand for services than any other Ontario hospital over the next 15 years, and there is no foreseeable end to pressures from government when it comes to funding healthcare in Canada.

What can we do as Professional Staff?

One thing is for certain: Decisions around healthcare are going to be made with or without our involvement.  We must be persistent in trying to bring our voice to the table. We must have the courage to speak up.  Ask questions to understand and engage in processes that can be improved to allow us to provide better care for our patients.  If you believe in something, try to understand the roadblocks and think of ways to continually challenge them in a productive way.  Bring up your ideas with others and gather support. Your voice is stronger if you team up. Lastly, accept small wins in the right direction, and most importantly, don’t lose hope.

We are happy to report that the PSA Executive has had some productive conversations with our hospital leadership as a result of which, our CEO, Michelle DiEmanuele, and Chief of Staff, Dr. Dante Morra will be putting a greater emphasis on better bilateral communication with front line staff. They have also agreed that it is important for us to have opportunities to provide earlier and more meaningful input on changes that impact our work and patient care.

We have also been in communication with the Ontario Medical Association and Ontario Hospital Association to highlight the opportunity to use Professional Staff Associations across the province as a resource to collect feedback and to help support us on issues impacting Professional Staff across the province.

Our mission is to represent your interests and to strengthen our leadership role in patient care.  Our vision is to have a healthy and engaged Professional Staff that has a collaborative role in change initiatives and decisions being made in the hospital.

We thank those that attended our Professional Staff Association Back to School meeting at the Lakeshore Convention Center on Monday September 16thwhere Dr. Shawn Whatley, past president of the OMA,talked about How to Lead Change and Have Fun Doing It!  It was an excellent talk and will be made available for viewing on the THP internal website on the Professional Staff Portal.

The THP Take 5! Opinion Survey is underway between Sept 17th and Oct 1st. I encourage you all to complete the survey with honest feedback and have your voice heard. It is administered by a 3rd party company called Metrics@work and will identify what is being done well and areas in need of improvement.


Rohit Kumar MD, FRCP(C)
President – Professional Staff Association
Anesthesiologist – Mississauga/Queensway Sites
Twitter: @RohitKumarRKV