Over the last while, you have heard a lot of opinions about the state of our healthcare system.  There is no question that the cost of healthcare is large and Ontario’s people are smart enough to appreciate that.  It is refreshing to see the media questioning the approach that the current government has taken to your healthcare spending.

The people of Ontario are starting to realize that the waste is not in spending on front line workers such as Physicians and Nurses who work hard to put patients first each and every day.  They are the ones who actually make you better when you are suffering or unwell.

The government will have you believe that they are increasing healthcare spending by throwing around numbers in the 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars.  If you take these numbers as a percentage, you will quickly realize that they are actually underfunding the system after population growth and inflation are taken into account.   The results of underfunding year after year can be seen in the overcrowding of emergency departments and hospitals running overcapacity.  In simple terms, the hospital is having to provide care for more patients than it is funded for.

In the end, what matters most is the quality of healthcare you get when you need it.  As users of the healthcare system you need to understand and hold the government accountable for appropriately spending your tax dollars so you get the healthcare you need.

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